Our goal

Zahiri Trading


The largest distributor and operator of fish throughout the country with the sale of fish and aquatic products online and in person.

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Freshness of fish

All kinds of fish in this business reach the customer completely fresh.
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The price is right

Due to the sale without intermediaries, the price of fish is reasonable and affordable
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Brilliant record

The brilliant history of this collection is characterized by high customer satisfaction.
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Fish exports

Fish is exported to foreign countries with suitable conditions in this trade.
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Our mission

Provide fresh and quality products

And fast and special service

6+Years of experience
990Satisfied customer
30+Variety of products
22Number of Employees
5Number of branches
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AboutZahiri Trading

Zahiri Trading is one of the largest distributors and operators of various types of fish throughout the country, which contributes to the health of the community by selling various types of fish and aquatic products online and in person. All our efforts in Zahiri Trading are to satisfy you, dear customers. And we will do this by providing new and quality products and fast and special services.

  • Excellent tasteSell excellent tasting fish
  • verdancySelling the latest types of fish
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فروش عمده ماهی

Engineer Zahiri – CEO

Our main goal – customer satisfaction

The most important of our business goals are the following:

-Commitment to quality
-Fair price
-Gain customer trust
-Fair trade methods

For bulk purchaseFish In different types

Call now.

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